Monday, November 9, 2009

Inspiration? I think so!

So this is just one of the photos I took on my trip to Rome in High School and put in black and white. I am thinking of getting it and several others printed and put in some dollar store black frames and hang in the bedroom of my new place. Thinking of doing a whole Audrey Hepburn in Europe theme

And as I went through some more pics on my computer, I got even more inspired by some shots I took this summer while out West (especially at Granville Island in Vancouver).

And the inspiration just keeps coming

I'm off to pick up a few things for dins and take more pics for my kitchen at the market :)
On the Menu tonight:
1. Vegetable potato soup
2. Fresh bread
3. Lemon streusel poppy seed cake for dessert with tea

Also, can't wait to buy a chalkboard for the kitchen to write the days meals on...I am enjoying this waay too much!

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