Monday, November 16, 2009

one day when i'm a mommy...

It sometimes dawns on me of all the fun things I would do with my kids when the day comes :)

1. Be able to carry full out conversation with them in French (better get some more classes under my belt!) I want my kids to be bilingual
2. Make Christmas decorations
3. Bake together
4. Have pj days and watch Christmas cartoons while drinking hot cocoa
5. Sing Christmas carols and decorate the tree together
6. Have little dates with them


Shari said...

Amanda you will make an awesome Mom!!

Amanda said...

Aww thanks Shari!
And just to think you are going to be a grandma!!! Congrats! I know you and Kevin will make great grandparents ;)

Shaun and Holly said...

You are a sweet girl and will make a super sweet momma some day! :)