Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kick that winter flu...in the butt!

So these past few days (as some of you may know). I have been trying to kick a stomach flu. I haven't puked yet (here's hoping I don't) but have had a really upset tummy and feeling awfully weak.

Today I thought I was on the verge of getting better, but a wee bit into the morning my stomach started its business...again!

Thankfully I don't work today so I am going to spend another day in bed, reading, sleeping, listening to sermons, eating lots of homemade soup and drinking lots of tea and gingerale...great diet huh?

So desperate for some homemade soup I ran to the kitchen to see what I had on hand to throw into a pot. I always admired people who could make something out of nothing.

So I opened the fridge and pulled out a carrot, fresh basil, zucchini
Put a pot of water on the stove
Added a dash of oregano, a few packs of chicken bouilon, some fresh basil and an a few bay leaves
let that boil while I chopped up the carrot and zucchini
added the carrot, zucchini and some pasta swirls
then remembered I had a can of stewed tomatoes, in they went
Let that sit on the stove and simmer
Got out some bread and popped it in the toaster
By the time my bread was done my soup was almost ready (those perfect moments never happen for me haha)
So I chatted with my housemate for a few minutes, got some gingerale
And then...my soup was ready to go!
So tasty for something just thrown together too!
Yay throw together foods :D
Off to read and enjoy my grub!

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