Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I like you, I like you not part 2

Things that make me smile or irritate the *beep* out of me:
1. Cafe Myranny coffee (just half a milk and one sugar and its glorious!) accompanied with Rachel :D
2. Dislike: the unreliable STM bus services. Example: the non-existent 4:45am bus! Where art thou?
3. Good food for thought:
"Satan is the master of extremes. As Luther said, Satan doesn't care which side of the horse we fall off, as long as we don't stay on the saddle" Randy Alcorn Money, Possessions and Eternity.
4. Dislike: Stale 2.50 vanilla cupcake from Starbucks (shakes fist)
5. To make up for the horrible vanilla cupcake I will make these: http://bit.ly/coOEpP
6. LOVE: Afternoon naps on rainy days with a lovely breeze blowing in (thank you Jesus)
7. Cute $10 black shorts from H&M that make running around a coffee shop a whole lot cooler ;D
8. Walks home in the rain in evening with a sturdy umbrella


Chelms Varthoumlien said...

love the new banner Amanda!

Amanda said...

Thanks! I took those pics while I was in Vancouver last summer and put the banner together on piknic :)