Sunday, April 15, 2012

These past few days...

I caught some sort of death flu virus that's been going around {not fun}. It started Wednesday evening when I was helping out at the Youth Group at my church and as I was buttering some of the dinner rolls I started feeling really hot and would then get extreme chills, followed by some dizzy spells. Though I love my youth group, I opted to leave a bit early that night to try and get a good night of sleep. Which didn't happen due to body aches and a body that would not stop shivering.

Thursday rolls around and I wake up feeling AMAZING! So I think "GREAT! I have loads of time to have a great breakfast and have some time with the Lord before work". Well I was right on that note. But within a few hrs the plague hit me again and I had ZERO energy.

I walked into work with my parka on, hood up and all eating soup when it was plus 15 and was sent home to rest {all thanks to my lovely manager xoxo}.

I slept the day away.

Friday comes, still have the chills and a little weak but am determined to work. Successfully get through a work day {YAY!}

Saturday, a bit better but the chills and hot spells still make some nasty appearances. But I get through another day of work. However, Saturday night the real fun begins. Horrible stomach pains and no relief.

I wake up this morning and shower feeling pretty woosy and really tired from the nights events. I was SO looking forward to Church. I love my church and have really been blessed by the community there. I was really longing for some community today. And was also planning on taking my bro out for lunch as part of his birthday gift.

But as soon as I started blowing my hair dry, that heat was too much. The woosy feeling was on the rise and I thought "maybe, I should just stay in today as much as I don't want too".

So I crawled back under the covers and slept for another 2hrs and felt amazing {while my dad and bro were little chefs in the kitchen making me soup}.

Then mom dropped in on her break and brought me glorious drugs to help my stomach and make me sleep, which did just that for the rest of the afternoon after lunch.

In and through all this, I am realizing that I have a REALLY hard time doing nothing. I feel bad just lying around resting. I feel like its a waste of time. I can't tell you how many times I had to tell myself today that "its ok to rest". I just felt like the day was passing by and I could have gone to church and taken my brother to lunch and baked cookies and made a yummy dinner, and, and...etc

My mom made a really good point today in saying "I think this is your body's way of telling you to slow down". She's right.

I am grateful for the life God has given me to enjoy all these wonderful gifts. But I also need to realize that rest is another gift He has given and I need to make sure I am getting it.

So here's to some more rest ;) Night everyone!

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