Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Real Reminders

Last night I attended a funeral with my mom.

I didn't know this person very well {my Aunt's second husband}, but I wanted to be there for moral support for my Aunt and cousins. 

The service was really well done.  It was officiated by one of the staff who work for Youth for Christ. 

We sang Amazing Grace, heard stories of this individual and the life he lived and then heard a story on the hope we have in Christ from the staff member.

As we were leaving last night and gathering things up, I looked at the urn and it hit me, we were made out of dust and this is what remains of our body {should cremation be our choice}: ashes. 

Our soul is the only thing that carries on.  It was a very real reminder as to how much I need to tend to my soul and the souls of others.

Thank you Lord for rescuing my soul.

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