Monday, June 11, 2012


 I feel like each arm is being yanked in a completely different direction.  I'm having a love affair with two different cities and its tearing up my heart {insert N'SYNC song here}.

Dear Belleville,
I love your blue skies and large green fields.
Your residents who love Country music and the fact that I can walk around you and never get lost.
I love having my family around

Dear Montreal,
Tu me manques!!!!!
Oh how I miss the terrasse and drinking lattes and eating baguettes and wearing fedoras and sundresses, b/c its Montreal and anything goes.
I miss hearing and speaking in French EVERYDAY!
I don't miss that feeling of being so small, living in such a big city
I miss all the festivals that happen each summer
I miss all my friends, I miss those deep theological convo's or those friends who ask you how you really are.

I knew that when I left Montreal it was going to be challenging, but I guess I never realized to what degree.  In some ways I love being home {road trips w the fam, loads of green space} but other days I desperately miss Montreal.

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