Thursday, July 12, 2012

All the single ladies {or men for that matter}

So the other day I was on Boundless reading an article and it linked me to a Carolyn McCulley post.  In this post she was responding to a reader who believed they "couldn't go on any longer" being single and were literally ready to take anything that came their way {even if it meant being unequally yoked}.

I would be lying to say I haven't felt that same temptation before.  I go through seasons where I am perfectly content in my singleness and then have others where I do desire someone to share my life with {there, I said it and it wasn't easy!}.

Back to the article, what really stood out to me was this:

The finish line is not the marriage altar, as good and right as marriage can be. The finish line is seeing your Lord and Savior face to face, in glory.

I had to read that a couple of times.

I can't even begin to describe how many times I believe the lie that "marriage will complete me" or "it will make me happier".  I am sure having a spouse will be a wonderful thing in the Lord's timing.

Hard to swallow? Certainly.  But if I honestly think about it, living my life to become someone's wife and that's it? Nothing beyond that! {and I am not in any shape or form demoting marriage, I am saying it should not be your end goal} I know that my life would feel void.

I pray for me and for all those singles reading this who are aching for a companion that God would remind you that marriage is not the end goal in life, but seeing Jesus face to face is.  Let us stand and encourage each other that God's will is the best for our lives {even when its so. stinkin. hard} and may we also be reminded that we have a Saviour who was tempted in every way, who loves and aches with us.

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Monica said...

Amen Amanda!
Well said.People think that marriage will fulfill them, and then when they're married they think a baby will fulfill them. And then on to the next thing to fulfill them.
True fulfillment comes from God.
I admit that I have times of weakness as well when I just am so impatient on waiting for the right one.
But I do admit the times I feel the most weak, is when I am not spending time with my first Husband, Jesus Christ. When I am not praying, reading His Word, is when I feel the weakest.
But it's when I stay close to Him in His shadow is when He gives me the strength. And gives me the foresight to see that marriage is not the end goal. That marriage is only temporal anyways.
It says in the new testament that we will not be marrying in Heaven.
So when I have difficulty being patient I just remember that marriage is temporal, but God's will for me on earth, what I am to do right now, even in my singleness is Eternal.
Thank you for sharing and posting!
Monica a fellow sister in Christ.