Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm a Martha, not a Mary

However, God seems to be in the process of changing that.  He's really good at seeing what we need and breaking us down if He needs to, in order to get us there.  I for example am a doer and have a hard time just "sitting" at the feet of Jesus.  I always want to be "helping, serving, doing" never "sitting, waiting, resting".


I associate rest with laziness.  I think there is always more that I could be doing {my room could be more organized, I could clean out the big freezer, I could meal plan for the week etc...}

You see where this is going?

A girl on the verge of burnout.

This time off has given me time to ask my heart, "where is this idea of serving from?" "is it pure?"

I know that I have a HUGE heart to serve others, but I also have this idol in the way that all needs to be perfect in order to serve {everything looking like it came out of a Pintrest ad}.

When oh when will my heart realize that I could be missing out on some great opportunities to serve, if I don't step in now, even when things aren't perfect.

Better yet, am I willing to put it all aside to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen?

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