Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Grace in Scheduling

The reality is, I don't give myself enough grace to say:
"Amanda, it's ok if you cannot go to this event because you are too tired" or
"Amanda, schedule a couple different times in your planner to make those raspberry white chocolate scones you want to make, because you may not necessarily have the strength to do it on this day and that's quite ok"

It's the idea that, there is room for grace here.  Not everything MUST get done when I originally planned.  Sure it is great to have a schedule and it's important for me to not let my neck own me.  I do my best to make it out to Church, Bible Study and one or two social events a week {because these things are healthy in that they provide healing and growth}.  But sometimes I need a break, because I'm human and I'm thankful that He gives me those grace filled breaks because He's God.

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Jobin Sam said...

Praying for you, Amanda, and the grace that God is pouring over you in the little things and the big things :)