Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Victories

I really have to give God all the credit here.  I have had some awesome past few days.  Barely ANY pain, some twitching of my head, but no sharp pains!!!
I've also had some pretty cool blessings these past few days, here they are:

-Yesterday I was able to go to Church and partake in worship {ie. stand up and lift my hands without supporting my neck!!}
-The prayer of a sweet sister in Christ
-A reminder from God that even in my pain and stiffness, the joy of the Lord is my strength and that is all I need
-Thai lunch/Starbucks and a little shopping with some dear friends
-A great meal with my family and a Disney movie

And today:
-Lunch with a good friend from Uni and her adorable kiddos ;)
-Errands {BY MYSELF!!! AND was able to walk around the mall in NO PAIN!}
-On sale Yoga pants! {great for those days when you are in pain but don't want to look like a complete frump}
-Half off my 2013 Moleskin! {Key is buy them AFTER the New Yr ;}
-Increased appetite {amazing considering I have been struggling eating lately, especially meat because it takes SO much work for my body to digest}

All of these things are GREAT! They definitely make for one happy Amanda.  But, I pray that the Lord would continue to remind me that my joy comes from knowing Him.  Not in finding good deals, not in friendships, community or even family for that matter, but in Him alone.

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