Thursday, January 24, 2013

"The joy of The Lord is my strength"

I would read this passage over and over and sing it multiple times during worship, but it never had any significant meaning to me.

And then I was at church one Sunday and the pastor encouraged us for those who are thirsty to ask God for a new word, so I did with some skepticism.

After a few moments of being skeptical I laid down my pride and begged God for something. I just wanted to hear Him and be with Him. And guess what? God spoke to me. He said: "The joy of The Lord is your strength". And it was like a lightbulb went on! My joy is in knowing Jesus and having communion with Him.

Ever since that day I have spent a considerable amount of time in prayer with God and adore that time.

This is not to say my life is by any means easier. My neck is still in terrible pain and I cannot work, but knowing God is there anytime I need Him is all the assurance I need.

So, knowing this sweet joy I encourage you to be honest with God and ask Him to meet you wherever you are in life.