Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update and A Call to Prayer

What a day!

I am WIPED!!!

Today I was sent to Toronto to see a pain specialist in hopes of getting some answers on my neck.  Well, he definitely got us going in the right direction, and to that end I am VERY thankful!

As I told him everything I had been feeling and for how long, you know all the details...he set his hands on his desk and told me I have nerve damage in my neck.

He mentioned that this is his speculation and is not his field, so he has ordered an EMG{scary sounding thing!} to see where exactly the damage is. He also noted that the EMG will be conducted by a Neurologist which I usually may have to wait over a year to see because I am not considered a serious case.  So I am to come prepared with questions ;)

So this leaves me here.  Guys I am at a point of despair where I need the body of Christ to surround me in prayer.  Please pray for the following:

-Pray for peace and contentment with whatever comes out of the EMG
-Pray for peace during the EMG- the whole procedure is a little petrifying as they have to stick needles into my neck to find the problem nerve, and I think they need to go in further than a regular needle would {any medical professional can correct me if I'm wrong here}
-Pray that I would be able to keep the rest of my health in check.  There are days where I am SO tired and SO weak to even eat! I am debating speaking with a Nutritionist to make sure I am getting everything my body needs right now
-Pray for safe travels.  We are in and out of Brighton and Toronto SO much lately
-Pray for motion sickness? Funny? Yes, well not at the time.  I seem to ALWAYS have an upset stomach whenever we travel home in the evening
-Pray for my family.  They have been A HUGE support system right now in carting me all over the province it feels for my health.  Pray that God would bless them in their health physically and spiritually.
-And last but not least, pray that God would heal me in His Glory.  Let us step out in our faith and trust that our God wants to heal His children, as He is our Mighty Physician.

We ask all these things in the name of Christ Jesus,



Jess Versteeg said...

You should chat with Christina Jodoin. She's working as a specialized nurse with neurological pain management.

amanda marvin said...

Thanks Jess! We chatted a little and she doesn't think I am quite at that level yet, but is encouraged to hear that an EMG is being done.